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The Instant Pot has been a lifesaver (and timesaver) for me. Even if I don’t plan enough in advance, I can still cook a nice meal quickly. I have cooked frozen chicken tenders and pork tenderloin that turned out quite well. A lot of times I cook a whole chicken and debone it so I can use it for two or three different meals. In the half hour that the chicken is cooking, I am soaking my rice. Once the chicken is done and cooling, I strain my stock and then cook the rice in the same pot using some of the strained stock as the liquid. It’s easy and fast. Then I might make a casserole the next night and chicken salad to have for lunch the next day. I shop Aldi and Publix and use the apps to sort of make a plan for meals based on sales. I’ve even started using digital and printed coupons at Publix. I only spend 10-15 minutes selecting or printing coupons for things we use. But I have saved a lot of money with little investment. Plus it forces me to at least plan our meals a little. Long, babbling story to say instant pot is awesome and easy. Oh! Plus I found a site to help me use up leftovers by entering up to 3 ingredients and then it gives you recipe ideas.