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I have had ADHD for 37 yrs and took medication when I was a child.
100% medication eliminates your appetite, and causes mania….depending on the medication. My suggestion is you try one of his pills, see how it feels. You will understand why he doesn’t want to take medication. I think medication doesn’t work anyways if the individual doesn’t want change….NO medication will miraculously make u smarter or work harder or motivate u. What he needs is a mentor. If you can’t find him someone local to meet up with business owner someone that may have had the same issues, there are plenty of people he can look up to online. Tai Lopez, Tony Robbins, Brendan Buchard, Gary varynercheck…..don’t force him to take pills they stunt your growth and sexual organs….not good for man. If u know what I mean….work with him and understand he has a mental disorder it’s that simple…but eventually he will decide to make the right decisions….I got kicked out of my house when I was 16, used drugs weed,exctasy until I was 21….got girl pregnant, etc but some how I managed to start a successful business in my early thirties and became a multi-multi millionaire and got married had other kids and live a fabulous life with my ADHD….stop the meds does no good.