Reply To: Best Job for ADHD


For me, being a freelancer writer is perfect, as long as I have some choice in subjects and the assignments are short (which for me means I can focus for 45 minutes to 2 hours and be done).

I was a high school English teacher for 14 years. Enjoyed the interaction with the kids. Left in 83 when I got hooked, lined, and sunk with personal computers, specifically over what I saw they could do to empower me and others. Within 2 years part of my income and within 3 years later all of my income came from freelance writing. Stuck with that thru the end of 2003.

After a 12 year hiatus, decided to get back into freelance writing and now I have a full-time freelance gig (meaning there’s enough work for 12 hour days, 6 hours a week) and a quarter-time gig. I write for websites on mostly unrelated topics – automotive, especially motorcycles and trucks for a big name tech site, and wearable health technology for the other site.

I do have some big projects in my writing, but I always break them down.

I’ve worked it (my writing biz) so I have the freedom to explore and grab something that intrigues me on the internet (and I’m pretty easy that way) and if I can make it fit for either site for which I write then I get to go deep on the topic. Sometimes too deep. One editor told me, “we’re not testing for NASA, ease back a bit.”

Anyway, that’s some of my experience with freelance writing and why it works for me with my flavor of ADHD.