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As long as you keep trying there is hope.

I use a variety of timers, reminders, whatever. The very best for me is when my wife reminds me, but she’s not always around. Second is smartphone alarm with the buzzer set to Cat5 Hurricane Warning level.

I also send myself e-mails because 1. wife isn’t always around and phone isn’t always charged and 2. I’m a fanatic about checking email.

3×5 card notes taped over the toilet (I’m a guy, so it’s behind the toilet) – I reserve this one for the most important stuff. When it’s just about time for whatever I remove the card from the wall and sometimes have to literally hold it in front of my face while I walk to whatever is supposed to happen.

I am pretty good, but not perfect, about keeping my phone charged. When I’m supposed to have a phone conference for work, I ask people to call me. Moderate success with it making a difference.

The list goes on. I’ve been trying to organize and get better with it since 1984 and 85% of the time the variety above works for me. I’m OK with 85%

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