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Thanks for your reply. We are working simultaneously on her speech, motor skills, physical therapy as well as occupational therapy. But her attitude is very non-conforming and we can’t make her do what we want.. it always require an incentive such as ice cream to do the job but that too is dangerous being so sweet and sugar stuff.. Even then when it comes to writing, she just doesn’t seem interested at all…. To make her follow our commands, is almost close to impossible… at times she seems not listening and at times she clearly refuses to do so.. Like recently we took her to a school for an admission test and she refused to follow any command making them concluding.. she is a hyper child”.. We are in a FIX what to do for her.. how to control her tantrums and how to make her follow our commands.. In current school which is a montessori, we feel her teacher has sort of abandoned her, she has asked to pick her up an hour early than other students… when we go to pick her up,all students come to us saying “she is hitting us”and her teacher shows no intent to stop other students complaining to us ,, i know i am writing too much and mostly haphazard but that’s how our thinking patterns have become these days with multitude of thoughts and resolve to none! We are thinking of remover her from school for a while say 3-4 moths, deploy her in a therapy centre and concentrate on her behavior modification, writing skills, remedial help to prepare her for school. As she is 5 now, all schools will be taking a test for admission to nursery though her age pertains to KG..But we know she can’t go into KG with here current state…