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Do your homework very carefully on Strattera. Doctors who are skittish around stimulants seem to really like to push this one, but I’m not impressed by the efficacy data, and it can come with a side of mood instability. I’ve encountered a handful of people who take it and swear by it–but only a handful.

Wellbutrin is the non-stimulant that I have observed and experienced to be the most effective. That’s anecdata, not actual data–but for what it’s worth, I’m hearing it repeated by a lot of the folks I encounter with ADHD, *as well as* a lot of the clinical professionals I collaborate with. It’s solid anecdata, as such things go, lol! Helps a lot of people, myself included, with focus, motivation, intentionality, impulse regulation–and I encounter almost no one who experiences significant side effects. Across the board, it seems to play nicer with ADHD than SSRIs or SNRIs.

The other one you might ask about is Adzenys. It’s a reformulatiom of Adderall, but it’s meant to last 12 hours, instead of the 8ish that you get with Adderall XR. My med provider offered it as an option, when I asked about an immediate-release evening dose, and it’s been *great*. I don’t have to remember an extra pill; I’m definitely getting a solid 12 hours from it–and I’m seeing additional benefit from not falling off the stimulant cliff in late afternoon/early evening. It feels much gentler; I can tell when my ability to concentrate starts to taper off, but it’s not the sudden drop into chaos that I was getting, before. I had no idea how irritable that made me, until it stopped–sounds like it might be a help to your daughter, as well!