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Exhausted Mum

I have a shopping list, with little check boxes of all the items I use in my home. Cooking, cleaning, restroom items, medications (Panadol etc). Once a week I will go through my house, check off everything I need and that’s my shopping list.
For cooking, I use a six week calendar. Every day of the week had a specific theme: Monday – Eggs, Tuesday – Macaroni & Cheese, Wednesday – Indian/Curry type, Thursday – Steak Night, Friday – Pizza, Saturday – Slow Cooker, Sunday – Asian.
On my calendar, I have a specific dish listed every day based on my themes. I did six weeks to keep us from getting bored. I never buy anything not on my grocery list and I never vary from my schedule. I have a book I put together with the recipes I use so I never lose them.

I am the envy of other working mum’s – but they don’t understand that if I don’t do this, I don’t have the brain power to even get dinner on the table. Really. The time I spent doing all this, putting it together, totally worth it. My kid is on meds as well as a monitored diet so the effort really has been worth it.
Good luck.