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I just read what you posted while I was writing.

Why do you want to have theme days? Because you like the idea or a schedule, or because you don’t know what to make? Will it make the decision easier for you, or will it set a bar so high it will be hard to reach? Someone did some research and found that most American households have only 5 different dinners and they make these over and over. What you’re proposing is far more than most people do who do a lot of cooking.

If you don’t have enough freezer space to freeze things like spaghetti sauce, make enough for two days and use it one day and then two days later so you don’t get bored. For example, make chicken breasts one night, and serve the leftover chicken the next day with pasta or as a salad with chicken and mango.

Instead of a schedule, I’d suggest finding five recipes with five or less ingredients. Once you can make them without thinking about it, you’ll feel like you can play around with them when you get bored with the meal, change the vegetables to something seasonal, switch the meat with another or maybe fish, change the rice to pasta or quinoa. Soon you’ll be creating your own dishes.
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