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I was thinking to make every day a theme day.
Mo: pasta/Italian tu: European We: Japanese th: pizza Fr: left-overs Sat:oven Su:vegetarian
And with each team to connect 4-5 recipes. This way I hope to create a rotation that that would come back once a month or so.
But my wife says I should stop planning and just cook from what is available because I always plan but never do something.
Also she often scolds me that ‘again’ food got rotten and wasted. Another negative-feedback I receive is with a schedule like that there is no room for seasonable foods creating the need to buy expensive out of season foods.
And because we live in a small house with a very small freezer, preparing in advance is not really an option.

(From next year we will have a small biodigester for biogas, I hope that would make better use of my failures so wasted ingredients wouldn’t be just thrown away 🙁 )