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I had four physical problems that made my ADD worse. Once I was diagnosed and treated, it got much better.

1. Severe Periodic Limb Movement Syndrome. My hands and feet twitched 80 times an hour — more than once every minute! This brought me out of the deep sleep that is restorative, but didn’t wake me up. So I had no idea until my doctor authorized a sleep study. I was sleep deprived and didn’t know it. I just knew that I had terrible problems with memory and focus.

2. Sleep Apnea. This was also discovered in the sleep study. Now I use a CPAP machine.

3. Gut inflammation. I discovered that I have sensitivity to grains and dairy products. When I stopped eating those things, my brain cleared up and I had more energy. Recently I read that the mechanism is that when you eat foods that you are sensitive to, it creates inflammation in your intestines. This leads to the creation of something called monocytes, and they travel through your blood stream and penetrate the brain/blood barrier, giving you brain fog.

4. My brain chemistry was out of balance. I did a non-invasive urine test from, and my practitioner used TAAT — Targeted Amino Acid Therapy to treat it with an individualized program of supplements.

One thing that we discovered is that DLPA helps.

Also, my body can’t methylate my B vitamins, and that means that my body can’t convert Norepinephrine to Epinephrine. The NE:E ratio should be between three to one and six to one, but mine was originally fifty to one! When the ratio is greater than six to one, it results in lack of focus, concentration, motivation, and energy. Once I started taking methylated B vitamins in the form of L-methylfolate, the ratio came down by half, and the difference was remarkable.

Try to find a doctor trained in Functional Medicine, or a Naturopathic Physician. They recognize that our bodies are interconnected systems that affect each other, and can recommend all sorts of helpful diagnostic tests.

I hope some of this will be helpful to you. Good luck!