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Teenagers sleep patterns are naturally shifted about 2 hours due to the developmental changes they undergo. If he’s not starting sleep at about 11pm or before then his sleep cycle is likely disrupted. Going past a normal waking time, common for teens, means they miss the body’s natural waking process and feel very sluggish. One option here is to focus on his waking routine, diet and exercise, try to limit screen time especially gaming after 8pm. Lots of love, listening and perhaps incentives to get out of the house and do interesting things that burn off energy and bring personal satisfaction can help. Finding a reason to get up helps with morning motivation.

One other point about boundaries. Consider not giving him lifts to school. It’s his responsibility to get his own bus. If you bail him out, he has even less reason to get up earlier because he knows it’s not important for him to care as much as he needs to. Remember, the school has rules, it’s not cruel to let your child experience the consequences of personal accountability!!!

Hope this helps,

Coaching Psychologist,

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