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Our 12 yr old son was diagnosed 5 yrs ago with ADHD & has been on varying dosages of Adderall. Adderall has a kick in time of about 45-60 minutes. I used to give him his meds as soon he woke up, recently tho, I’ve been giving him his meds a 1/2 before I actually need him to get up so the kick in time is less. But this works because I can give it to him then he goes back to sleep for that 1/2 hour. This might be a good option for you guys in the morning. I was reading your responses to the commenters. I used to give our son a quick release of Adderall for afternoons he had sports practices. It was not good. The come down from as AWFUL! So just be sure to you investigate the side effects of the quick release. Insomnia/sleep issues are common for people with ADHD. You might want to try either Melatonin which is a natural, non- addictive sleep aid. Our Pysch also prescribed Tenex. Good luck!