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Not every teen with ADHD, ADD, ODD ect will turn to drugs when they stop medication. Yes it is a concern for all parents but it doesn’t have to become your reality. My almost 18 year old son has ADHD and ODD and we took him off medication after 1 year of meds, at the age of 12, because in his words, they made him feel like a zombie. We sat and cried together that day and I swore I would never do that to my son again and I vowed to help him understand everything I could about his brain and never used it as excuse for bad behavior. Although it is an explanation of behaviors, it’s also why they need more attention, positive attention and understanding. Has our life been challenging without him medicated? Yes! But I’ve spent the last 6 years educating him, picking my battles and changing his diet and lifestyle/activity/screen time. A very low carb diet has completely transformed my sons behavior. Not every trait has disappeared but he is better able to handle himself and is now seeing the difference for himself when he carbs out as we call it. He is taking more responsibility for his actions and has now graduated from high school and is starting his own business off of my husbands. Nothing is perfect but so far we are very happy with the results of better, clean eating. Educate your kids, love them hard and help them understand and cope. They are not alone! As parents we are really the only ones that truly understand our kids!