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I cook the same 4-5 meals over and over again. I rarely make something new, even if I’m totally bored and fed up with my current line up. I have cook books, but don’t ever use them, too many new ingredients and steps to follow. I get over whelmed. My dinners are very simple and lacking in flair. And there’s just the main and a side which is usually the steam bag of broccoli, green beans, or some kind of oven potato. Crock pots are great though. You just toss everything in, and let it cook for 6-8 hours and then eat it. My meals are usually: Chili, oven backed chicken leg quarters, tacos, spaghetti and a meat sauce or Italian sausage, stew I make in the crock pot, pulled pork shoulder which is another crock pot item, chicken fajitas, and sometimes tilapia or sway in a frying pan. I just got a gas grill this summer and that makes cooking a lot more fun. I prep cook a batch of chicken breasts for my salads. My husband doesn’t care what I make or that I make anything at all, and sometimes he cooks. I think it helps if the people in your life on the receiving end of the meal help out or understand your difficulties.