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My husband came up with this idea and I live by it. It requires an investment of about an hour or so a month but then it saves alot of planning and indecision on a daily basis. I peruse my cookbooks for recipes i would like to make, then create a list with the cookbook title, page number, and a categorized list of the ingredients. (Meat, veggies, starches etc. So it’s easier to make a grocery list afterwards). Putting it in a spreadsheet form helps
Then i make a master list of the ingredients i need for that month, and that becomes my grocery list (you will have to buy the perishables as needed but otherwise you can stock up for the month) That way no decision making or wondering if you have the ingredients to make something. Just pick something from the list and you know you have the ingredients on hand. It sounds overwhelming/complicated at first but it really works for me. May not work as well if you have cupboard scavengers who eat up your ingredients without noting that they are set aside though. The other advantage to this is you can go for the big shop in one big hyperfocus binge, and then you don’t have to go back except for small less overwhelming shops after that.