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As a school psychologist, I do start getting calls in the early part of the school year similar to the concerns you delineated. I agree with the “daily report card.” However, getting daily feedback from the teachers will not result in improvement unless there are very specific consequences at home. This includes even the look on the parent’s face. Getting annoyed or upset could accidentally strengthen your child’s avoidance behaviors since rather than your child taking consequences for his behavior, you are by manifesting an emotional reaction. In order to use the “daily report card” properly so you don’t accidentally make things worse, I would recommend you go on Amazon and buy a used copy of the book:

Parent Survival Training by Dr. David Lustig and Dr. M Silverman.

This book has the most comprehensive and easy to understand instructions regarding implementing a daily monitoring system. Although the book just went out of print, there are multiple offers for used copies at extremely low cost.

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