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Joyce: Yes, the therapy I think helped him realize it’s his problem, not ours. However, he constantly asks us for help in solving this problem (which mostly consists of him saying “No, that won’t work”). As for Uber, I was actually considering that the other day. I mean, I don’t work until later in the morning, so I can take him to school. But the argument is why should I? He will eventually need to be able to get up for 8am classes in college and when he works. As for when it’s something fun – it’s still difficult and we still have to go in his room a few times.

Bert: He does have an air purifier and an overhead fan that both run every night. Although I’m unsure why you think it will help him wake up on time unless it’s to help him go to sleep so he does wake up. He grew up with both of them, so just hearing them should lull him to sleep (although they don’t). I turn them off in the morning, hoping that will jar him awake slowly. It doesn’t.