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My daughter (10) is on Concerta and I had to take her off for a couple of months over summer to fatten her up again, because she lost 2 lbs (she’s barely 50lbs and can’t afford to lose any weight). Since going back on them, we have had more conversations about the importance of nourishing her body and brain. First thing in the morning I grab her meds and a protein bar and take them to her room (she’s seriously cranky before and after her meds) for her. If she takes her meds and eats her protein bar then I will play a level of Super Mario with her on the Wii before she gets ready. By the time we’re done this the meds have kicked in and her behaviour is better and she is more successful at getting ready for school. I then stuff her lunch kit full of non perishables (last year I threw away so much food so I don’t pack her much “fresh” stuff anymore). She has protein bars, fruit bars, cereal bars, fruit cups, cheese strings, pudding and yogurt. Some have also suggested beef jerky as a high-protein food if your daughter likes that. I pack her lunch kit full so that she can choose what appeals to her that day – it increases the chances she’ll actually eat at least something.
She eats some of her dinner, some nights more than others… but as the evening goes on she becomes hungrier and hungrier. When she first started meds I thought this was an excuse to not go to bed, but it’s not. She is ravenous at night so I usually send her to bed with a Cliff bar (protein bar) and other snacks. She also knows she can get up and have something from the snack drawer in the fridge if she’s still hungry.
I know she’s eating a lot of protein bars and other packaged stuff but at least she’s getting the calories into her now.

I would talk to your daughter about the effects of her medication on her appetite. It doesn’t have to be about her body image but about nourishing her body so she can grow strong and have physical and mental energy for her days.
That’s my two cents! I’m new to this too, but it’s working for us this past month since school started!
Good luck!