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Our son has ADD (without the Hyperactivity) and took medication from 3 – 15 years. Then he refused to take his medication. He was attending a private school for ADHD-kids where the classes had fewer pupils. Someone in his class introduced him to weed and he totally changed. It was as if his off-button was pressed and we couldn’t find the on-button again. We were unaware that he was smoking weed and only found out 4 years later (believe me, we weren’t asleep. They are just very clever to hide it!)

Eventually, we sent him off to a long term rehab (13 months) and he came back a new person. Most of his behaviour changed in a positive way. They taught them life skills, and how to cope with the stresses of life. And they challenged him on his laziness to address certain of his ADD behaviours. He has been clean for the past 6 years and lives a disciplined and grateful life. (He still has his challenges that are typical of ADD – especially socially)

This is the long story. What I want to say, is in our experience (at the Narcotics Support Group), most of these kids and adults, who land up in addiction, has some underlying mental challenge, that is untreated. I would say, more than 80% has undiagnosed ADHD and they keep falling back into addiction. We have also encountered co-morbid conditions like depression, bi-polar, Aspergers, Taurette-sindrome, ODD, etc. If these conditions remain untreated, they will struggle to cope with life – more than anyone else and more than people who are treated. And there is a strong chance that they will start using drugs to cope. These are facts. You can read about the newest research on it.

I know it is exactly what you believe too. Perhaps you can start investigating other forms of treatment or would he be willing to take supplements? Go and read on dr Daniel Amens website. http://www.amenclinics.comThere is a lot of helpful info. I hope you succeed to convince him to get help – in any form!