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Hi Clara88. As you mention a gp, I expect you are in uk. Access to services and help is very limited isn’t it? My son was diagnosed aged 15 with inattentive type predominately. I too have been on a parenting course! My son is in year 11 and was expelled in the first term of year year 10. He has just refused to go anywhere else since then. He was/ is quite bright but it seems its ok for him to be left on the scrap heap because there is no one to help him. He has had one paediatric appointment where they prescribed meds but nothing else follow up in one year. He has found help with sleeping through cannabis as he was refused melatonin or anything like that. I have battled and battled with him, schools, doctors, youth service etc. It’s pretty exhausting. You are not alone, just remember you are doing your best and try to keep seeing the positive things your son is doing. I think currently there are extremely poor services for these children in the uk.