Reply To: Obessions


@deb91 .He is not on spectrum but definately having some traits of autism.Little bit flexibility he shows but that to in term of cost of toy,type of toy or sometimes place from where to buy or if you assure him to travel by public transport or cab….So basically everything stops at the point of vechicles only.And that to immediately irrespective whether i am tired or busy.After buying or travelling he is happy n will not trouble me at all.But buying the the things immediately is extremely difficult.He is on Methylphenidate 5 mg twice a day.Whenever he is off the medicine his anxiety is less n he is very much flexible but he cant focus on study.Again while buying he is super explorer having very minute criterias.N IF I want to get the things done if he wants to buy a toy,he does those things or study but extremely anxious.He is extremely obsessed with the vechicles but with the stimulant i think there is extreme regidity and persuasion.