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When we began the journey of getting medication for my son, I thought it was a bit of a pain. Every month I’d have to go to the doctor’s office to pick up a paper script, they’d make me show my ID and sign the prescription out. Then off to the pharmacy, same thing – have to show my ID and a bunch of other regulations.

Many ADHD medications are considered controlled substances and are regulated in the same manner as painkillers. My husband has a chronic back condition and his doctor prescribes him a controlled substance. Every other appointment he has to take a drug test. Last time there was no drugs in his system, which was a problem and he had to explain to his doctor that no, he was not selling his pills but just takes as needed and he didn’t need one the last couple of days. My husband’s doctor KNOWS he’s not an abuser or dealer, but regulations make the doctor check. Husband is a very clean cut guy, no even remote “appearance” of drug use.

My child’s doctor doesn’t urine test him, but he does ask who administers the medication; if the medication is kept in a safe place; and regularly has him come in to make sure he’s on the right track.

Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed if asked to take a drug test. You might ask the doctor if it is routine for his office to perform the urine tests on all patients receiving a controlled substance or if it’s just you. I bet its routine, especially given the nurse’s response.