Reply To: Obessions


since my last post of 5th sons (6) obscession with toy vechicles has certainly increased. first he would select a vechicle at shopping portal,then after an hour or so he would think something is wrong in the vechicle giving excuses like design,speed,type etc,then again he would go on that portal and change the item from the cart.this was continuously for a week.then i suggested we would go to shop n select the vechicle, In a shop also he would explore for very long time then would suggest me other shop,like that we would go to 4 to 5 shops and finally after finding so many faults he would select a vechicle.He is extremely choosy and finds unreasonable and minute faults in almost all vechicles untill he settles for one.This thing is continuous till today.I have to bare all this because if i turned it down he would be violant,will start heating me,shouting n yelling n all the time peace and harmony of home would be at stake.plz advise if anyone has experienced sort of this and some tips how to manage it.ONCE HE GETS HIS VECHICLE,he is absolutely quiet n wellbehaved,but insists of keeping these vechicles in carry bag then clean it with some cloth and keep it in a position where it willbe clean n untouched.He plays very less with them ,its like a collection.Generally he forgets about these newly purchased vechicles within 2 days n then never wants to play with it kind of ocd?