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I don’t have experience with a specialty ADHD school. However my son is also 11 and in his first year of middle school and I will share what they do that works well for my son. Maybe as you are talking with prospective schools these ideas might give you good questions to ask them. In lieu of a second elective he has a directed studies class. All 6th graders have it here. During this period they go over their planners together to be sure all assignments and homework are listed and understood. They can also use this time to redo any tests or assignments they scored below a 60% and they can resubmit those to get an average of the two scores on said assignment and raise their grade. This is also a period where they can bring unfinished classwork and get help completing it or where they can make up work/tests missed due to absence. The school also offers one period each of math and language where there are two teachers instead of just one to help students who need it. Instead of the 30min silent reading period most students have, he takes a life skills class where the kids work on social skills and interpersonal communication. He has a hand tremor so he was issued an iPad to do all written work which he submits by email. The district has a real time grading app that parents can use to track every assignment and every grade so you are alerted if an assignment is missing or has a low score as the teacher records it. Because his IEP allows for extra time to turn in assignments this is helpful in making sure he completes missing work and still gets full credit (in my son’s case it’s often that he completes an assignment on time but forgets to turn it in). Finally he has the option to tell the teacher if he needs a mental break and he is allowed a 10min session with the counselor on request. We’re only a month in, but these tools are helping him maintain A’s in all his classes for now and most of these options are available to all students, not just those with disabilities. I wish you luck and success in your school search. We moved from a school district that had no clue how to help him to one that is experienced with kids like him and it has made a world of difference.