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I get where you’re coming from. At the beginning of this school year, I absolutely dreaded the meetings I knew would be needed. A new Dean of Students was put in place and new teachers. I distinctly remember sitting at Back to School night and thinking “WELL POOP” when the new Dean was introduced. And I was right, first week of school and I was already scheduling meetings. My son did actually attempt to self-advocate, which I was extremely proud of, but it fell on deaf ears and required my intervention.

The last meeting I spent half the meeting referencing a teacher from last year that was so incredible. “If you speak with Mr. M you’ll see that these accommodations were actually implemented by him and work extremely well and do not cause a disturbance to the class.” “If you can refer back to the IEP, the issue you are addressing has been addressed with a coping strategy that proved effective.” “No, we are not using his diagnosis as an excuse but rather a cause. My son works tirelessly on his coping strategies so that he can be successful in school.”

It’s difficult, trying and tiring – but I remember what a struggle it must be for him on a daily basis. He has to put in twice the effort as his peers every single day. He’s maintaining his emotional response, controlling verbal outbursts at inappropriate times, focusing on this one assignment when there’s like 10 million other things going on around him, attempting to pick up on social cues, attempting to interact with peers, etc. etc. etc. So while I may wish that I didn’t have to spend my lunch break in the deans office AGAIN, it’s worth it if I can relieve just a little pressure from him. Not to say I don’t vent …. believe me I do! It’s my coping strategy…LOL.