Reply To: Running out of patience..


You have no idea how great it feels to know I am not alone…Seriously some days I fear the neighbor is going to call CPS on me because of the way my son yells and slams doors. I appreciate all the feed back I have made contact with his doctor about what has been happening and that we might need to revisit some things ..he has been on 36mg of Concerta and I really don’t want to up it but I been hearing alot about Vyanese and Risperdal ? He already takes a very small amount of Prozac every other day and we started that last year and it was like a whole different child…I mean basically school was great the teachers and RSP teacher could not believe this was the same kid from a year before but its like we are going backwards now I rec’d a email today he walked out of class and refused to do work which he never did last year..if he needed a break he asked for one but it was far and few between. I keep hearing the same thing about the age 9 guess this is just a hard age with ADHD…I mean he literally will tell me to my face no I am not doing my homework and walk away I am trying to wrap my brain around WHY he doesn’t want to do it when I offer to help him …I offer to leave him alone…I cut the homework in half to modify it and still what should take about 45 minutes leads to 2 hours of up and down yelling throwing pencils on his desk etc etc…When they tested him they couldn’t believe how smart he was and how he just excels at things he probably shouldn’t ..I said well of course a test on a computer is nothing for this kid its the classwork and homework … I don’t know where to go on any help for that …We have been to therapist all they say is how sweet he is, he barely says anything to them and that he is very “H” in the ADHD and that’s it …I wish I could find someone that specializes in school and homework… Someday’s I feel like I need medication to get thru the day ..LOL .. Again I appreciate all the feedback its so nice to get different opinions..PS I do have all those books I ordered them when he was small guess I need to read them now ..PSS I checked into a Neuro Assesment it would cost me $3900.00 I asked his Dr to see if there is another way ..