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“Chelates micronutrients” would not be homeopathy. Just as an FYI. Homeopathy doesn’t mean any supplement. To be homeopathic, the substance must be 1) highly diluted (millions of times) and 2) based on the premise that the active ingredients has to cause the same symptoms as the disease at a higher concentration. A homeopathic remedy for vomiting would be something that causes vomiting that is diluted to the point that one or fewer molecules of the substance exist per dose.

If the OP wants to ask about supplements, that’s a different thing, assuming that you would sensibly demand that your supplement have some of the actual substance itself that is on the bottle.

Supplements could be helpful. They can also be dangerous. The lack of regulation doesn’t make them safer.

As far as supplements (not homeopathic remedies) go, I believe there is good theoretical support for dopamine precursors as beneficial to anyone on stimulants, and most people could do with more D3 and fish oil.

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