Reply To: Running out of patience..


I just found this site today looking for “answers”. My daughter will be 11 in October and has been diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety disorder when she was 6. It has been a very bumpy ride for my poor girl, who once described how she felt by saying she “had crackers in her head.” And although she has gotten better over the years and I am so proud of her daily, she has begun to struggle again. Within the past 2 years she has lost BOTH of her grandmothers who she was extremely attached too. Not to mention her father and I got a divorce 5 years ago and she hasn’t seen or heard from him in 3 years. Frankly, that kind of loss would be hard on any child. And trying to get her to express how she feels is very difficult. Some days she just cries and says she doesn’t know why. Over the past year and a half she has struggled. I have a very wonderful man who has 2 children and the kids get along perfectly, to my surprise. However, her and my boyfriend do not. Some days everything is fine and they get along wonderful. But some days she had one of her “fits” as I call them and then they are just yelling at each other. He loves her deeply, but it hurts him when she acts out,i.e. yelling at him, disrespecting him and tells him to leave, when she gets mad. I assure him that he shouldn’t take it personally and that she does love him and doesn’t mean it when she says it…. but this is all new to him. He doesn’t always understand. I’m constantly feeling like I’m in the middle. I(we) are trying to find ways to better our families situation and how our new family members can better understand and help her. These two wonderful people can’t find there way together and it breaks my heart. Any suggestions on blended families and how we can bring us all together and help her learn to manage and improve her condition. Neurofeedback therapy? Regular therapy? She’s on medication but maybe I’m doing it wrong?? Does anyone else blame themselves? I feel helpless. Thank you in advance for any information.