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What happens if there is not a choice involved, maybe just a YES or NO answer required – ” Do you want to go for a bike ride?”

And, are the questions she is being asked just for herself, or is she going to make a choice that will affect the whole family? (I.e. Will EVERYONE be going to the movies, or for a bike ride?)
To this day, as an adult, my parents Ask where I want to eat, and that’s where we’ll go. I’m not giving my opinion and then we have a discussion, weighing everyone’s options. OH NO, I am the one responsible for where all of us will eat. (Or what movie we see, etc.)

Without a choice, if she still says “I don’t know” to a Yes or No question, my suggestion (as a teacher of younger children) would be to have a conversation with her away from any questioning. Let her know you fully value her opinion, but since she hasn’t wanted to give one, you want to try something new, which will be just to tell her what to do. If she isn’t comfortable with that, then she can start answering your questions with a decision, rather than “I don’t know”