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This is an issue for me just this week, as I’ve started a new job.
Im working with children, so I want a variety of supplies with me should I need them. I am also Type 1 diabetic, and want to have those supplies as well as food and drink, since I wasn’t sure what was available.
And then I was shown hooks where EVERYONE keeps their belongings, Not much room for multiple bags 😞

So instead of a purse, I’ve put insulin, test kit, and other daily necessities in a clear ziplock bag. My purse stays locked in my car, and the ziplock goes in a messenger style bag with my work materials. The purse still has my wallet, coupons, and other things that I DONT need at work. I switch the ziploc back and forth.

That’s my intention anyway!! I seem to have already lost my license, which I need (obviously) but not only for driving – I need it for proof of identity as this is a NEW job.