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Hi all to have responded and thank you so much! I hahave had a very stressful week moving the last bits from my old place but I spent yesterday evening sorting out my bedroom and making it into a place I can study and also relax. It feels good!

I have decided to make a weekly timetable to print up and put on the wall and then make a daily task list each evening for the following day.

Day 1 was today. Up at 8.30, breakfast, bit of cleaning, 10 minutes of meditation and then the gym. Made my weekly timetable and have now rewarded mself by watching a football(soccer) game with a friend. Will get my weekly shop on my way home and then dedicate myself to a couple of hours of prep study ahead of the start of my course tomorrow.

You didn’t need to know all of that but I’m trying to make it real and get the new routine embedded!

I’ll let you know how I get on soon.

Thanks again.