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Thank you for your response. I was all over the place last night happy to finally have somewhere to share and learn. 1st yes he was diagnosed and is seen by a psych/therapist. He has been on meds since sept and we have gone through 3 currently on 4th. Ritalin to adderal (made him have suicidal thoughts) to risperidone to now bupropion and working on an adjustment. He also does have an advocate who is assisting. As of today the school requesting since he ONLY has a 504 plan and not an IEP he do partial days until we have our meeting for IEP at end of month. Was told by principal if we dont agree to partial days he can not attend school until after IEP meeting. They want to determine if even needs/qualifies for an IEP (her words). She also requesting to know what medication he is taking so they can know side effects. I dont feel its there business as they arent administering medication and they dont help with basics so are you gonna help if he has a reaction? All school year last year i was constantly threatened with them calling access if i didnt pick up my son. Uuughhh there is soo much. BUT I AM LEARNING!.

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