Reply To: just diagnosed at 36.


Hi… I was diagnosed with ADD 5 years ago at 46 which has given me a lot of clarity which I won’t get into. We used TOVA for the diagnosis which works well and is inexpensive which can be used if there’s any question of ADD. Running multiple TOVA tests, which there is not extra charge for, can zero in on the most effective dosage. I paid $400 for this working with a counselor that my Dr referred me to.

New insurance required I meet with a psychologist who suggested we trouble shoot my life long depression which had gotten pretty bad again. What we found out recently was that doubling the dose of Adderall from 15mg to 30 wiped away the depression I’ve experienced my entire life and I’ve been sleeping better. I couldn’t believe it. I held off on emailing the psychologist I was working with for 3 days to be sure that it worked. That was April 2017. I find my ADD is now better treated and the depression is pretty much completely gone.

Most anti-depressants have never worked for me. It seems that my resolution is using re-uptake inhibitors which many anti-depressants are not. Currently 30 mg Adderall x 2 per day and 300 XL Wellbutrine in the morning.

Norepinephrine-Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitors (NDRIs) List

Life is good and I feel like I can now go on vacation and relax and enjoy myself which has been impossible until now. I can spend hours now complete projects like cleaning the garage that was not possible before. I didn’t know how debilitating my depression has been until it could be controlled.

I find that maintaining a good balance of sleep, exercise, reduced stress and a good diet, give me the best chance to improve my outcome each day and when my symptoms spike, I’ve found that 1 or more of the 4 are not in balance so I focus on getting back in balance again .