Reply To: What to expect from a Psychiatrist?


I think you should expect to not be hassled. You should expect the doctor to keep with your current treatment plan.

I recently went back on meds after being off for over a decade. The first guy I saw wanted me to do another psych battery just in case, you know, my ADHD magically “went away”. Yeah.

After that I went to a doctor who specializes in attention and got back on Adderrall with one visit. We talked about what brought me back into a psychiatrist’s office after all these years. I explained that over the past couple of years my attention issues had gotten almost unmanageable and I couldn’t focus at work. That seemed a good enough reason for him. I also told him who diagnosed me and my medication history.

You should also expect at least a quick discussion about your symptoms, how well the meds seem to be working, and any side effects you may be experiencing. In my case, subsequent follow-ups with my new doctor have included discussion about adjusting dosage (I decided to try XR, and it’s different than regular Adderall.) and XR’s affect on my heart because I’ve had tachycardia my whole life.

That’s been my recent experience. I hope it’s helpful to you.

I don’t know how reasonable a totally in and out visit is unless absolutely nothing has changed with your symptoms. If you feel there are things you need to discuss, bring them up. Don’t be afraid to seek out second opinions and better care if you don’t feel a provider is giving you what you need.