Reply To: Homework ideas for 2 grade school kids


I have a 4th grader and a 6th grader and face a similar situation. They are not allowed to have any screen time until their homework is complete. I give them the option of having 30min of down time before homework that doesn’t involve a screen or going straight to homework. My oldest needs to decompress and almost always chooses to hang in his room reading or whatever before he starts homework. I find this helps him be ready and receptive and then he just knocks out his work with no issues. The younger one is super driven to get his work done first so he can get to screen time. He also is the one with the most extracurricular activities do he typically needs to do homework first so he can get to baseball or whatever sport of the week he has. His issue is distraction so I use an hourglass timer and tell him if he wants my help he has to do it while the sand is still flowing. Anything after the timer he’s on his own. He doesn’t actually need the help academically but he craves the interaction so it works well for us. Every kid is different but that’s what’s working at our house.