Reply To: Running out of patience..


The same thing happens with me,whenever I am in home my son yells and cries consistently about some body discomfort and becomes very cranky….first i thought maybe because of stimulants or hunger or tiredness..but he is uncontrollable even after working on yhat….unless i send him to some classes…there he is ok….but again in home the same irritability and yelling is there,till i send him out to play.So these 3 days i arrange my household help to be with him and i purposely went out and now the feedback from her is that he was absolutely calm,not irritable and she thinks whenever i am there he acts out.
Another thing during his outburst he will find something which he is not comfortable with and shouts now he wants a toy car as compensation.Since last month he is demanding for a toy car..though i used to give cars to him ,now i have stopped.So yesterday night when he asked for a toy car when he was tremendously yelling when i intrrupted him while he was playing some mobile game and demanded a car as compensation of my intrrupting;out of frustrations i immediately agreed and suddenly he became composed ,active and enthusiastic . Again i am in doubt whether subconsciously am i giving him the reason that every time he yells and totally tries our patience and find some excuse he will be getting a car as compensation?