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Our son is 8. Like you we were at our wits end, we have tried discipline and consequences, but we were getting nowhere. The explosions would come out of nowhere and we couldn’t identify why he was having them. They are far worse at school. We started working with his school and we identified that his issues were anxiety related as BRLK stated above. We had a full neurophysiological assessment completed and identified he suffered with disgraphia, social pragmatic disorder and ODD, along with ADHD. We did not want to use medication so we decided to start Neurofeedback with him and started to see tremendous results. His temper decreased, he began to do things that use to be a struggle, like brushing his teeth! After 20wks of treatment we began to use Collaborative Problem Solving with him ( Basically show lots of empathy to let them know you understand and encourage them to reveal the true issue, reiterate the issue to let them know you hear what they are telling you and then collaboratively problem solve. At first you may have to gently suggest ideas, but we found within a short space of time he started coming up with solutions and following through with them. We also us MaryRuth liquid vitamins, Barleans Mango fish oil (taste great!) and L-Theanine liquid supplement, which helps increase calming alpha waves (works for our son, but could cause focus issues in other kids.) We took a break for summer from Neurofeedback, but will start up next week and can’t wait. We plan to do 40 session total. Sorry this is long, but hope it helps!

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