Reply To: Running out of patience..


I have been disciplining my child since birth I I was raised in the 70’s I know very well about discipline and respect and I expect the same from my child regardless of his diagnosis BUT I have learned different ways of handling his fluctuating moods..I noticed he usually is only defiant to me or his grandma which are the rule makers and enforce them..with others including his Dad he doesn’t push the limits but his Dad is fun weekend Dad and doesn’t enforce rules..his coaches..teachers..other parents he is respectful and listens..Things have gotten better after reading some posts on here and by me sitting in a quiet room with him and going over things instead of us getting in a yelling match..making sure he understands that no matter what he does with his anger in the end he is still going to have to do what I have asked him to he has gotten upset went in his room slammed the door gathered himself together and comes out or I go in after about 15 min we talk and life goes on instead of me verbally coming at him so quickly after he is angry that leads into never ending argument I feel Im letting him think about it himself and then approaching him