Reply To: Homework ideas for 2 grade school kids


I only have one child but homework time was very difficult. He takes a med for focus and if he can work on at least some before it wears off, it would go so much better. In middle school they gave him a study hall instead of an additional elective and that was an immense help. The after school program did homework so some would get done there. I had it put in his IEP that he can turn things in late so that helped too – we did some over weekends. So what I am saying is you are only one person and need help. Can someone help and work with the 6 year old on homework or play time or anything while you work with the older child. I am sorry to tell you – but forewarned is forearmed – this will get worse before it gets better. If your child has electives, replacing one with study hall will help IMMENSELY. Good luck!