Reply To: Running out of patience..


Yes, a child needs to be disciplined after displaying inappropriate behavior. However, if they are not taught the tools to redirect themselves, talk it out, or whatever mechanism works in that individual situation, the issue will continue to escalate.
You cannot assume that a child of any age knows better. Yes,they may in fact know but, they may not care, or be adamant about being heard with words they don’t yet have to explain to you what’s going on.
Setting boundaries, solid rules, and exactly what the disciplinary action will be at a time of peace, when everyone is calm. Not right after an outburst.
Be sure you are clearly understood.
Then always, no matter what, calmly follow through.
Now they are very aware of the consequence to their actions.
No need to remind them of why they are being punished….they know.
Instead – help them discover and learn tactics of redirection.
Consistency is key.
It will take time.