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Wow… that all makes it sound like driving might be possible if I ever get to where I can afford meds and a car. I had pretty much given up on it but now I may rethink that and try again!

Here’s a funny story to reward all your help on this issue… I picked up a rattlesnake a couple of nights ago and moved him to a nice safe spot, and then 20 minutes later I found him right back on the road again. Well… you know that ADD overwhelm thing? Crazy holiday weekend traffic, a distracted driver who almost hit the snake the second time we found him, and I’d just had enough. So when the second team pulled over to check in with us, they found me seat belting a snake bucket into the back seat, and dared to ask me, “Sooo… WHY is he in a bucket?”

I told them, “Because it’s the second *&#* time I’ve found him on the road tonight, and it’s NOT happening again, so now he’s cruising with me for the night!”

So that rattlesnake rode shotgun for rest of the night. By the time I released him, I was ready to laugh at myself, and at the expression on my teammates’ faces when they saw me buckling him into a seat belt. In fact, I’m STILL laughing at myself! That’s ADD… sometimes you’re just gonna lose it for a little while! 🙂