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I can’t guarantee I have the answer to this question, but I recently wrote a book on people who’ve been successful with ADHD. They all struggled with motivation for things they find boring, like studying at uni for a subject that is not a huge passion, and no amount of pushing can make them enjoy something that’s not exciting enough for them.

Saying that, my real ADHD superstars have all been hugely successful on their OWN terms, in achieving their OWN life goals. I have ADHD myself, came second in my year at school with all A’s, never studied at uni, and felt huge amounts of expectation on my shoulders. I’ve ended up with advanced degrees in subjects that I’m completely uninterested in using. I’m only just finding my way now, by following my real passion of entrepreneurship. And it’s a similar story for my friends.

I decided to write the book because an interesting thought struck me. All of the entrepreneurs in my phonebook have ADHD. They all have very interesting lives (far more interesting than my non-ADHD friends). And I wanted to know how it can possibly be that this is considered a “disorder,” if once people cast off the expectations and structure of the rather grey and imposing system, they can blossom into whatever they want to be.

In my book I interview real ADHD entrepreneurs to find out how they used the traits of ADHD as an advantage, and avoid dropping through the gaps.

Their insight can help you see through the eyes of a someone with ADHD, from childhood to adulthood. They talk a lot about how they found their way, what they thought of the education system, their parents, passions and success.

Rachel McKnight