Reply To: Young Adult Transition


To reply to a few posts: he sure is a master manipulator. Right now he’s on the up, working for a farmer. He’s done this several times and it doesn’t last long. He asked me last week for money so he could buy a car (remember he sold the last one we bought him). I told him we’d talk later and I never heard a word again. I’m sure its coming though.
If he would get treatment, even go to a doctor, I’d definitely try for guardianship. But I’m sure I can’t do anything without a doctor’s help.
He’s not diagnosed as bipolar but I can see the probability in that. I wish his doctor would Have agreed before he turned 18. Hours pediatric psychiatrist thought he was just a lazy brat. We head no more time to switch doctor’s before he turned 18.
I know tough love is difficult… but I can’t keep bailing him out and I can’t have him destroy my house. I wish I didn’t have to, but I have no choice when he’s not getting any medical help.