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Hi Netti,
My Adult Son 33 years old has sadly struggled on that same path notwithstanding early diagnosis he was pulled from pillar to post through 13 schools all unsuccessful in providing any education other than demoralizing him and diminishing any potential gifts that were inherit. Attempting to rationalize their failure and justify shipping him to another school and to mitigate transfer accountability to the Principal by blaming his home environment from broken home raised by a single mother who was neglectful and non supportive to his needs. Providing a detailed professional assessment which suggested his main learning problems rooted from his poor upbringing and shattered home environment. Well with report in hand I assure them that the only people leaving their school would be them not my son. Without authorization they had placed my son’s privacy and safety in jeopardy by contacting my son’s father who abandoned him and lives in BC and court ordered no contact and they should be prepared for the consequences for their irresponsibility. At this point I went back into their office to extend them the Professional cutesy without prejudice to revisit and revise the report recommendations. Challenging their ignorance of me and my background which I informed them that i I wanted to teach that B.Ed professional designation reduced my 7 years studies to B.Comm MBA B.Sc P.Eng. Yes I was a Single Mother of not just one but 4 that were educated and multilingual private schools that my parents are both doctors and our large family are highly educated and successful. My career as Senior Financial Executive was my Nationally Respected and provided an excellent upper lifestyle and opportunities for my kids and they were housed in my 4500 sf Estate Home with a nanny and tutors. As well as my kids were involved in all activities from Riding, Skiing, Ballet etc which I was involved in. Your feedback about a positive change in my son when he started Ritalin was incorrect as he never took meds you just thought that. They refused to amend his report and I assured them that my actions would involve the Minister of Education and the action would strict consequences to your employment security. And it did they were both dismissed and blackballed in Alberta. It’s not what you know it’s who you know and their knowledge of your credit ability and reputation. My associates are Heads of UoC/McGill/UoT/UBC etc Parliament/Supreme Courts/Judges/Lawyers etc you got it and my includes street people/RCMP/Homeless all my support. I was able to lobby for integration of education for student with learning challenges and Special Ed Teacher allocated to provide support. At least those in lower grades benefited by my advocacy. He did find a skill that he successfully but illegally worked to build a lucrative business until he went down. His Dope Business was the only tolerated independent that the Gangs allowed on their territory only due to his customer base. He was solid and connected to the Gang Leaders as they all grew up together we all lived in the same hood. Please copy my Poem “No Hug Rule” this in browser!AikPbW2IK-jHnEeBClrYYBFwPYu5
Now he has secured an Heavy Duty Mechanic Apprenticeship Job he loves and the earnings are good (not the same as his previous dealings) and has actually worked 5 straight months normally jobs were kept for maximum 5 days. However he has to get his GED Equivalent to continue the 4 year program and that is my concern and am having difficulty getting College program flexibility