Reply To: Homework ideas for 2 grade school kids


Hi, adhd1234.. I have suggestion’s for you, Do ya give them healthy snacks when they get home? If not maybe ya should have them wash their hands & pee while your putting some carrots, celery, or nuts something just to take the edge off the long day they just had.(NO CANDY or SUGAR) & get away from DYES of any color. And i bet ya you’ll see symptoms of what is so prevalent nowadays (ADHD) slowly diminish. Get them into a routine & while their snacking, figure out what would ease your 10 year old that you say has inattentive adhd. Could that really be that he’s just board? Maybe the work he’s been given is to easy for him or it’s not what he really needs, not engaging his brain or he something else that would engage him more. Talk to his teacher & see what she thinks or could recommend. Ok, next. Take a look at what they both have to do, then figure out what would take the longest to do, what child would need more time, take an inventory of what ya got in front of you then when ya do that, get the small stuff out of the way (signing things, checking their book bags for agendas etc. PUT what ever BACK where it would belong). Ok, say the six year old has a paper or two, sit & work with him while the Ten year old is snacking get that stuff done, also as your doing this whip something simple up for dinner. YOU CAN DO IT!! WALLAH, KILLING two birds with one stone. BAMMMM. That’s two down. Six year old & now everyone’s fed. I have found that if ya try to get the kids doing homework, being hungry, DOESN’T WORK & WILL NEVER WORK. Ok, now put the six year old in the bath as your helping the Ten year old. Another TWO birds with ONE STONE!! BING BAMMM BOOM!! then hopefully your done with 10 year old, pull the puckered skinned Six year old out & switch kids in the shower. Now you have more time with six year old. Another thing bathe them with LAVENDER soap & CREAM.
WOW, NOW BED TIME BOOMMMM!! I’ll be PRAYING that ALL works out for ya.. YOU CAN WORK THIS OUT HUN!! From: One Mom to other with much love & concern..