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I deal with this on some level too. For me it’s more in the form of I can successfully focus on one thing a day. From there, it’s iffy to non-existent. Not the best thing when you’re working and in school. I have found for some crazy reason my focus is best if I can actually get myself up and moving around 2 or 3am. The problem is actually getting up and moving, still haven’t found a solution to that one. Before I was started on adderall, I was on lexapro for anxiety, I found that it was actually making my ADHD symptoms worse. Apparently my anxiety is a self medicating thing, you take that away, I can’t focus. So, got off the lexapro and got a cat and found a wonderful man who takes me as I am. Between the two, I’ve been able to fight off the anxiety, well keep at functioning levels anyway. I think part of the problem is getting into this hyper focus mode, and once I’m out of it there is no focus. I think I’ve learned how to hyper focus on things I don’t even enjoy (two hours sustained focus on math homework, I hate math, I’ve always hated math, I’m not even a math major, it used to be 30 minutes was my max). I haven’t really found a solution, though I have found doing yoga every other day does help me feel more energized. But I still regularly end up taking at least one lazy day a week, whether I really have the time too or not. I think it’s just part of the ADHD and the amount of effort it takes to focus, even on meds. At a certain point our bodies just say nope, I’m done, let me scatter, and there’s nothing we can do. It sucks, but it’s part of the wonders of the ADHD mind.