Reply To: ADHD and Tiredness


I was just recently told I probably have adhd by my neurologist who treats me for my epilepsy. Recently we suffered a miscarriage and it sent me down into a spiral of anxiety and depression, it wouldn’t be an issue but it totally destroyed my coping mechanisms for what I call my wierd ways. Well, at least I thought they were coping mechanisms. A few home truths have been made aware to me, like for example at40 yrs of age I still have not learned to drive, I want to and have tried but unfortunately I get distracted by everything around me, quite scary for those in the car with me! I lose everything, I plan to put my house keys and wallet in a place where I will remember but between that somebody interrupts me and then, well they could end up anywhere. My desk looks like a bomb has gone off, you walk into our bedroom and you can see where I live. My work is really suffering right now, I started a new job, a large part involves me finding my own analytics, not good, and then when I am given projects I procrastinate. I usually love the stress, well for the most part, until I have had enough and walk away, however now because of what happened recently I have become overwhelmed. I am taking celexa which has helped my anxiety but it isn’t helping the other stuff, I have tried some supplements like aniracetam and adrafinil, which seem to give something like a caffeine hit but overall it’s limited. So my neuropsych visit is now two months away, $850 deductible from insurance and another couple of hundred dollars out of pockets expenses, the visit will be 7.5 to 8 hrs apparently. My problem is I am used to me, never known anything different, will this make a difference to my life? I don’t know what to think, I’m almost tempted to cancel but I know my family is being pretty insistent. I am exhausted all the time, getting to sleep is a nightmare, my thoughts keep going on and on, it takes me 1, 2, 3 hours to fall asleep, then it’s time to wake up, did I sleep, doesn’t feel like it!

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