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I am including the original post for context.
<Am>SuzyQ: I have been diagnosed with ADD/Anxiety. I’ve been working with a therapist and take medication. I still struggle with calming my mind and tend to bounce around a lot, can’t relax (although it’s better than before). For me because I’m not good with my feelings its hard to tell if the bouncing around is the add or anxiety. I suspect it’s more the add, b/c I start lots of things and have difficulty staying organized, or think of something else and off I go. Sometimes, the only way I can shut my mind off is to go to sleep. Most recently my therapist has indicated that I have a difficult time “going” deeper and keep things very superficial. I’d like to have deeper relationships, but there is so much I feel the need to protect myself, which I think is more the anxiety. So confusing! Anyone else deal with this?

Yes, SuzyQ, I deal with this too. I am a female diagnosed with ADHD/Anxiety late in life. My mind is abuzz with lots of thoughts that I am unable to wrangle to let you know you are not alone. I am learning to recognize the difference between ADHD and anxiety. Going deep is very difficult. There are times that I completely shut down and cannot think or speak. How deep the conversation goes depends on how safe I feel to speak as well as the level of trust and comfort in the relationship. My anxiety level is decreasing as I learn to manage ADHD. Right now I am feeling anxious because I cannot covey quickly enough my thoughts and I need to get ready for work. Since I have recognized this I am taking slow breaths to calm myself. It is working and while there is so much more I could say I have to shift gears. Keep going with the therapy and medications. It takes time, effort, and patience.

I leave you with this:
Patience eludes me as thoughts swirl within
A maddening dash from one thing to the next
Time ticking faster than my heart can beat
Surging emotion radiates from within
STOP, breathe, slowly breathe
Calmness appears if but only for a moment