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PS – I am wondering why you are both going to therapy? Do you pay for this? If so, it is a waste of money, if you are not going to open up and discuss your feelings. You will get nowhere. No benefit. You are probably better off opening up and writing things down on a forum like this one, and getting feed-back. After all, the therapist does not have first-hand knowledge of your concerns, either as someone with the problem or as someone connected with someone who has the problem. I don’t see how they can relate unless they have experienced it. I’m wonderng SuzyQ WHY you feel the need to protect yourself? That is a very telling statement. Can you share and tell us, please, what it is you are afraid of, and why you need to protect yourself? Of course, I realize this may be hard for you to do, but it would be extremely helpful to the rest of us if you could share this important information. It would help us understand what goes on. I wonder if the medication actually makes you feel more disconnected from yourself and your feelings. Would you be better getting the anxiety and tension out of your system by doing something energetic, or throwing yourself into something really important in your life – either a job or hobby or volunteerng? I do know that ordinary anti-depressants make people feel that they actually have no feelings!! Just a thought. Please let me hear from you – I would be more than grateful as I am, myself, very anxious about this man in my life. Lorna