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What an interesting thread this is. I can relate to a lot of it. Here are my thoughts. I believe we get so fatigued when we slow down, for a few reasons. Working at such an intense pace all week as Lisa described, gives you an intense adrenaline rush all week, but once given the opportunity to relax, you sort of collapse. Is there any way to cut back on the intensity during the week? I also think that people with ADD require more recovery/down time than other people. I agree too that medications can play a role. I know that so many medications make me more tired than other people, including into the next morning, and from reading this thread, this seems to be common. Finally, I think that when we have unstructured time, especially after a highly structured work week, that it’s too hard to rouse ourselves, without set deadlines and activities imposed on us. How and what we eat, and exercise definitely play a role too, as mentioned. I will definitely feel drowsy if I have too much starch and sugar, and if I haven’t been exercising.

I also love that we are all so ethical and how much it pains us to be around people who aren’t. Have any of you ever taken the Myers-Briggs assessment? It seems to me that most people with ADD fit the ENFP profile. It describes being ethical, always late, scattered, very sociable, a people pleaser, along with so many other ADD traits.